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Strategic IT Planning

Wouldn't it be Nice to be able to Budget IT Strategy for the next 3 to 5 Years?

If you're like most businesses it's a "nice to have" having a formally documented IT Plan or Strategic IT Roadmap. Even though your data and network are one of your most valuable business assets we often find most organisations operate without any IT Planning or Budgeting.

The net result of this lack of planning and budgeting results in most companies taking on a break/fix, fire fighting mentality which leads to significantly increased levels of risk, much lower productivity, frustrated staff, and ultimately poor outcomes for the business.

Symptoms of poor, or absent, Strategic IT planning include:

  • Slow Response to IT Issues on an ongoing basis
  • Unknown level of security and virus protection of your mission critical business data
  • Fire fighting IT issues rather than proactively achieving maintenance
  • Surprise Bills and guessing what your bills will be
  • No Capacity to provide any Disaster Recovery Planning
  • No Capacity to provide any Business Continuity Planning
  • Significantly shorter lifecycle of Servers and Hardware
  • No visibility to the health of your network
  • Inefficient use of capital and operational funds
  • Poorly aligned IT policies that impact the efficiency of the business (such as mailbox size limits)
  • The "resource crunch" – no time to do the job properly
  • Business units making technology decisions without the involvement of IT
  • Loss of executive management "faith" in IT service delivery
A good quality Strategic IT plan will help management to find the right balance between business usual activities and the planned projects that delivers a Peak Performing Network experience. It can also be used as a tool to budget and forecast funding that enables key IT initiatives that would otherwise remain underfunded and undeployable.

How Can Corp iT Help?

Corp iT specialise in creating realistic Strategic IT plans that align with your business goals and requirements is key to a long term mutually beneficial relationship. All of our engagements are unique as we tailor each and every IT Plan to a clients' exacting IT needs. We can assist organisations across the three key areas of IT Planning:

Corp iT's team of experts will deliver our Pulse Managed Services, as a formalised Service Level Agreement that guarantees the standard of your daily service delivery to your business.

Corp iT aims to gain a deep understanding your IT environment and your business environment, to assist us to develop the most cost effective and relevant IT Plan possible. Our regular consultancy visits means, constant communication of your IT plan and checking alignment with your business goals.

Business requirements are always changing and when this is coupled with the fast pace of technology development, the goal of making the right technology infrastructure choices can be a huge challenge. Corp iT will assist by planning out when enhanced infrastructure capabilities are required, and understand the implications, both financial and operational, of deploying them. This will therefore ensure that your IT service delivery will grow to meet the changing needs of the business without the risk of service level failure.

IT Plans that are not aligned to your business are highly likely to be facing the increased costs and risks associated with a poorly optimised IT environment. Corp iT can assist you to uncover the expected and future demand from the business to enable your IT strategy to deliver a Peak Performing Network Experience. Our Goal is to achieve appropriate IT decisions that are made in the best interests of your business as a whole.

Corp iT's passion and experience as business focused technology experts places us in a unique position to deliver you with the key insights required to achieve an ongoing Solid Strategic IT Plan.

To find out more about how Corp iT can help provide your business with a Strategic IT Plan, book your FREE, no obligation Onsite Appraisal now or call us on 07 3077 6844.