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A FREE SERVER for your Business?

So Many Companies Put Off a Much Needed Server Refresh, now you can do it immediately, without the Big Capital Expenses usually required!

If you're like most businesses the hassle and expense of refreshing your servers is something you can do without. The pain of the high cost of the Replacement Server Hardware, and the hassles of updating your financial accounts and gaining the finance to have it all installed, are barriers that most businesses do not want to deal with. But IT remains an important cornerstone of their business.

If you are like most businesses you'll wait until the can wait no longer to replace your server hardware, and the last thing on your mind is the preventative maintenance or producing a 3-5 Year Strategic IT Plan for your business.

Such an approach results in most companies taking on a break/fix, fire fighting mentality which leads to significantly increased levels of risk, much lower productivity, frustrated staff, and ultimately poor outcomes for the business.

Corp iT has the solution, offering A FREE Replacement of your Server!

You no longer need to delay replacing your Server, Corp iT will provide you with a FREE Server Platform.

Corp iT will also provide you with a Pulse Managed Services Agreement. That will provide you with a Proactive Maintenance Solution with Strategic IT Planning, that will deliver a Peak Performing Network Environment that is specifically tailored to suit your business.

Benefits of Refreshing your Server on our Pulse Plan are:

  • A FREE Server Platform
  • Increased Network Performance and Security
  • Gain a competitive advantage by Delivering better Network and IT Resources
  • Guaranteed Response Times and Service Delivery
  • No Surprise Bills or Expense
  • Implementing Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Implementing Business Continuity Planning
  • Visibility to the health of your network
  • Producing A Peak Performing Network Environment
Corp iT will deliver a FREE SERVER Platform with our passion and experience as business focused technology experts to assist you with the key insights required to achieve an ongoing Solid Strategic IT Plan and experience a Peak Performing Network experience.

To find out more about how Corp iT can provide you with a FREE SERVER PLATFORM, book your FREE, no obligation Onsite Appraisal now or call us on 3077 6844.