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Data Back Up

Are you looking for Reliable and Affordable Backup Solutions That Protect Your Business from Catastrophic Data Loss?

The data backup system you choose today may well be your businesses lifeline in the event of a data loss disaster in the future.

Your data is one of your most valuable business assets, which means effective protection of your business data is critical. While the advantages of data backup are well known, traditional methods of data backup and storage are no longer adequate. Ever-changing technology makes it essential for businesses to choose a cutting-edge backup system that will guarantee the safety of their critical business data.

Research has shown that tape backups fails to recover data nearly 50% of the time, and that 60% of companies that lose all their data will shut down within 6 months of the disaster.
Yet the reality is that 99% of all data loss is PREVENTABLE!

With sales contracts, accounting records, marketing materials, intellectual property, business contacts and important correspondence all being stored digitally nowadays, it is essential for all businesses to backup their business data using the most secure, effective and reliable method available for their budget.

Corp iT offers a complete backup and restore solution that involves consistent monitoring, management and testing of your data backups, ensuring that your business-critical data is safe, secure and protected against devastating damage or loss. Your critical data is regularly backed up using cutting edge technology and we provide prompt retrieval services should you need them.

With our proactive Backup Services provided by Corp iT you will gain:
  • Improved data security
  • Efficient, cost-effective, reliable data protection
  • Confidence that your data can be quickly and easily recovered and restored
  • Peace of mind being free from the worries associated with ineffective backup solutions
With the potential of disaster from hardware failure, power failure or brown outs, or simply a wrong keystroke, ineffective data backup is just too great a risk to take with your critical business data.

To find out more about how Corp iT can help your critical business data safe, book your FREE, no obligation Onsite Appraisal now or call us on 3077 6844.